Sunday 5 August 2012

Holiday notions

Second post! We have been in Cornwall soaking up some over due sunshine and enjoying the stunning coastline and delightful villages and sampling some great fish and chips and pasties. When the weather is favourable you really can not beat a UK holiday. So much loveliness crammed onto such a small island.
As usual I took lots of photos of a whole variety of things and got excited about all sorts of textures and colours. I never know what, if anything I will do with these images but it's a sort of therapy for me, and if I see an image and I don't for some reason have my camera with me, I get a small pang of regret that I've missed capturing something. When I get home and download the photos, I can recall so much detail about the moment they were taken, not I hasten to add, the names of places as I am getting really bad at that, but the actual location, the weather and the surrounding environs.

So here are a few photographs from the trip

A glorious day at Land's End, the bluest of skies and the brightest sunshine

Delightful tiny cottage in Saint Mawes

Atmospheric pub interior

Glorious skies and sand dunes at Porthtowan

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