Saturday 25 August 2012

Patchwork inspiration

I love these sorts of visual puzzles and this one has been doing the rounds on Facebook. You have to work out how many squares there are - I make it 36 but I am open to correction! As I was staring at it and mentally colouring in the different squares, it struck me that it would make an interesting starting point for a block design quilt, the two 'floating' squares could be in a contrasting colour so that they zing out and the rest in varying shades of grey.
Inspiration for patchwork designs can be found in all sorts of places so keep your eyes open and always have your camera with you to keep a visual note of what you see. Here are a few examples I have snapped.

Spookily similar to the puzzle above! A building being renovated on Oxford Street

Reclaimed tiles stacked

A window that has been blocked up, I love the total clash of the brick work

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