Sunday 2 September 2012

Of apples and quilting

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day so I hit the appletrees and pruned and chopped off cankerous bits, so relaxing. Our apple crop this year is dismal but I have been assured by our village expert that everyone is in the same boat due to our dreadful weather this year. It's a shame as I love pottering down the garden and picking apples for the children's lunch boxes.
On a more positive note, having attended to the appletrees, pulled up a few weeds and done a spot of lawn mowing I felt that I was due some stitching time. I laid out my chosen fabrics, got out my key bits of kit, rotary cutter, fabulous cutting rule and cutting mat, pins and sewing machine. I love chopping fabric, laying out the different combinations, adjusting them until I'm happy and then stitching them tgether. It is such a calming and all consuming activity and you end up with some beautiful and practical. I think that everyone should make at least one quilt in their life time - the feeling of achievement and satisfaction is immeasurable - and the actual design aspect can be very simple and still create a massive 'Wow!' factor... now go tell everyone!
My first blocks showing different combinations of textures and patterns

The state of the dining room table, the downside of quilting!

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