Thursday 31 January 2013

Papercutting Perfection

It was a very busy week last week  and I am still trying to catch up with everything that happened. So here are some pics from my second course at the WI's Denman College - creative papercutting, and it was a first for them too as no one has taught paper cutting there before. I had three lovely ladies and despite the low take up the course still ran which I was really pleased about, hopefully word will spread and next time there will be a few more - check out my courses section to see when and what and where my next courses will be.
The great thing about having such a bijou sized group is that I can give each student lots of attention and personal tuition. I love teaching papercutting as generally people don't really know what to expect so everything's new and exciting. I have lots of great inspiring stuff to show by way of introduction to cut outs and not just paper items but wood and metal, and I love showing Lottie Reiniger's beautiful animations too - here's a link to the exquisite 'Magic Horse' made in 1953 -

And here's a link to Denman's site

And here are some photos from the workshop

A table full of inspiring rsources
Designing their own alphabets, with a little help from 'Trajan'
Fabulous highly original A-Z 
Beautiful vertical design
Lovely interlinked panel

Valentine's card
Developing next design

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