Monday 14 October 2013

Of patchwork cushions and smiles

I recently ran a 'Mid Week Make' at 'Sew Patchwork' in the charming market town of Thame.
Sew Patchwork is a very new shop set up by Judy Zappone.
A friend of mine had alerted me to it's imminent arrival so I went and knocked on the window as fittings and fixtures were going in, and now I'm running classes.
It's a small space so by necessity the groups are small but that means lots of hands on, and one to one advice and help. And I was SO pleased with the results, as were my students - one of whom had never used a sewing machine before! What I love about these workshops is the variety of outcomes, all successful and all personal.
So here are the pics....

Mastering the sewing machine
Sharing ideas
Carefully pinning back to front
That lovely moment when you turn something right sides out
Delighted too!!

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