Tuesday 7 January 2014

Packing up Christmas

Taking down the Christmas decorations is not the jolliest of activities and one that it's hard to get the rest of the family enthused about participating in. However, it has to be done and to be honest I quite like carefully wrapping up my favourite baubles in bubble wrap and tissue paper and putting them into hibernation ready for the next time, when they can emerge all sparkly and bright and full of festive cheer.
Packing away Christmas comes in several tiers, taking the decorations off the tree and wrapping, putting wrapped decorations into shoe boxes various and assorted, putting shoeboxes together into much lager boxes. Sealing those to discourage mice investigations.Taking these large boxes out to the annex and finally opening the attic and hauling them into the darkness ready to Christmas 2014.
Then there's taking down the Christmas cards, selecting favourites for inclusion in Christmas card scrap books - very useful resource for teaching - and putting the newly acquired cards - thanks to sales - away with list. Note to self must be warm and dry as some of the envelopes had stuck themselves shut having spent the year in the shed!
And that's it! You would never know that it had happened....

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