Sunday 13 April 2014

What a treat!

A glorious sunny day for heading into Oxford to the O3 Gallery which is part of the castle/prison. I had been asked to do two hours worth of paper cutting, a demonstration, as part of their current exhibition One Thousand Cranes - contemporary paper craft - and it seemed like a good networking opportunity, little did I know what was going to come through the door.
I had a little group who had come specifically to watch me cut my stuff which was reassuring - lots of questions and interest. Then three ladies came in and walked straight over to me. One of them was carefully holding something  and she handed it to me - a silhouette of a fairy and signed underneath, Lotte Reiniger, and opposite an exquisite profile of a young girl, it turned out to be the daughter of the bearer of this treasure. And inside the card a delicate figure labelled 'Romeo'. I couldn't believe that I was handling these beautiful, historic items, being allowed to touch them and that Lotte Reiniger had handled them all those years ago when she spontaneously cut them for this lady and her daughter - just amazing.
And if you don't know who Lotte Reiniger is google her and watch a couple of her charming fairy tales.

Cut fairy on back of card, the front is printed
'Romeo' figure and profile of Anna
Large intricate and multi coloured piece by
Anna Haworth
My work desk
Multi panelled piece by Astrid Jaekel
The ancient prison wing that houses the O3 Gallery

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