Wednesday 21 May 2014

Rotary cutter revelations

I am somewhat of a sceptic when it comes to technological advances - I have an ancient Nokia mobile phone, I wind the windows of my car open and shut by hand and my sewing machine dates from the early 60's. And when it comes to patchworking I cut fabrics with scissors, that is I used to and then a couple of Christmasses ago my husband gave me a rotary cutter and a quilting ruler. My life was transformed!
Rotary cutters are basically pizza cutters but for fabric and used in conjunction with a cutting mat and a quilting ruler you can produce beautifully straight and accurately measured cuts.
Mine is made by Olfa and measures 45mm diameter and my ruler is 24inches long and 6 inches wide and is calibrated every which way - joy!
This Saturday I am giving a demo of machine patchworking, at Sew Patchwork in Thame, which will include how to use a rotary cutter and I have been busy making up samples to show some the different effects you can create quickly and easily using strip patchwork.
Lovely simple technique!
Chain stitching blocks together
Creating an elongated checker board with
a strip of two fabrics chopped into squares
Same strip as above but assembled to create
lightening flash

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