Tuesday 6 January 2015

My 2015 has started

So the children are back at school, the Christmas tree has been stripped and moved out of the house leaving a huge naked space, the fairy lights have been decommissioned and I am procrastinating about sorting out my tax - must be January! On the plus side I spent yesterday 'doing' the christmas cards - this entails going through the list of who I sent to and who sent to us and then selecting my favourites, chopping off the backs and using good old fashioned glue to add them to my festive scrapbook. Subconsciously they seem to get sorted into two main  themes - colour and subject.
I have been chopping up cards and magazines for many a year. It started in my teens when I sliced out the best pictures from  'Honey' and '19' magazines and stuck them on to my bed room walls with wall paper paste. They were arranged in colour spectrums and it was quite an organic process in that I added to them over the years; they were taken down once I moved to college and sadly there's no record of my collaging efforts but I still collect pics of stuff that I like, both actually and virtually (Pinterest) - I never know what I might do with my visual collections but it's good to know that they are there.
Would highly recommend starting your own personal pictoral library - it's a great way of building up inspirational material that means something to you.
Could be a New Years resolution?

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