Monday 23 March 2015

Paper cutting at Banbury Mill

Another weekend, another paper cutting course this time at the Mill right in the centre of Banbury ( I have been busy busy this month). There is a great arts and crafts room within  this rabbit warren of a building, which also houses a cafe, a theatre and several studio spaces. the arts and crafts room has plenty of space and light and my students produced more fabulous designs and cuts and yet, again I am thrilled and amazed at their creativity. They never cease to amaze me, especially as pretty much 99.99% of them have never paper cut before.
Busy cutting
Portrait of a pet pug
A particularly delicate cut
Birthday card for a thirty year old
A beautiful bird with foliage
For a new born baby
A panel for the family - 'l' and 'y' to be added later!!

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