Tuesday 21 July 2015

My paper cutting friend!

Art in Action is now over and done and I'm sort of missing it , even though by about workshop 5 or 6 I am in a bit of a 'Groundhog Day' mode - have I said this, did I tell them that.

And this year the utterly amazing Apolonia, from Poland, was in the International tent, demonstrating her extraordinary skill with a pair of sheep shears that used to belong to her uncle. She cuts intricate designs free hand through several layers of paper and at great speed.
She speaks not a word of English and comes with a lovely translator who is delighted to tell Apolonia how incredible her friend is.

Oh, I don't usually take pics of food but couldn't resist this! This is the pudding which we had at the big supper on Saturday night, possibly the most chocolatey pudding complete with a sprinkling of gold I have ever had - delicious....

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