Friday 23 October 2015

Paper cut lamp shades

A few months ago, the lovely Faith at Ardington School of Craft suggested a new course, paper cut lampshades, which would run across two days; day one paper cutting with me and day two lamp shade making with Elizabeth Cake.
And today I dropped into one of Elizabeth's courses to learn the basic techniques and discuss variables and possibilities - so exciting! Such a treat to be on a course rather than teaching it.
So after a bit of head scratching and puzzlement, I produced my first lampshade and am pretty chuffed. I used a heavy velvety paper that was remaindered from my college days, qualifying it as vintage, and brown wrapping paper. When the lamp is off you aren't aware of the cut out design but as soon as it lights up its secret is revealed!

If you fancy having a go at this March 16th and 17th are the dates. Great fun and I shall be making some more samples to inspire would be students.

Inside the lampshade showing the paper cut
All lit up and looking lovely - rather pleased!!

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