Monday 20 August 2012

Festival of Quilts

Yesterday saw me and my daughter dashing up the motorway to the NEC at Birmingham for the much anticipated Festival of Quilts, the largest show of it's kind in Europe. Having entered one, I was curious to see how it stood up against the others, being neither traditional nor pictorial and being made up from genuine scraps rather than bought fabrics, and somewhat random in its construction. But it looked great and several folk were taking pictures of it, which I hope is a good thing. What I wasn't expecting when I picked it up, at the end of a very long and full on day, was an envelope with judges' comments pinned to the back. I was a little apprehensive about what they'd say and was highly pleased with, 'A lovely, happy quilt...super!'. If it makes people smile I can't really wish for more!
I will put up more pics of favourite items tomorrow - don't want to drown you in images!

Me with my creation

Genuine vintage sixteen square quilt

Two tumbling blocks - the larger version is a contemporary take on the smaller vintage one

Love this - the colours the structure, very Gees Bend

Me and my daughter discovering the therapeutic joy of longarm quilting

Free hand embroidery par excellance

And this was my favourite piece measuring 18 inches square and made by Dorothy Caldwell -
it reminds me of the painter Ben Nicholson

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