Thursday 9 August 2012

What to make next....

I have spent the afternoon de-pooping the glass house which the cats regard as the ultimate in litter boxes,and it's a mindless job, giving me time to mull over what to make next. I have recently been given a couple of bags of random fabrics and there are some I am very keen to work into something, so glass house cleansed, I spent a lovely hour or so tidying my 'office'. I use this term lightly as it's less an office and more a store room and not just for my stuff, but it's where I have several boxes of fabrics and as I sat sifting and compiling, mixing and matching, I formed a plan to make another quilt. This is madness really as we don't have acres of either a)making space or b) storage space, but quilts are very satisfying to do and I like the idea of creating potential heirlooms, things that last and will hopefully be treasured over the years.
So with several largish quantities of vintage floral and countryside scene type fabrics, some stripes and checks, a hint of luscious crushed velvet and may be some chunky vintage lace, I think I am onto something. A little bit ancient cottage, a little bit on trend vintage and a hint of luxury. Watch this space.....

The first selection of fabrics and laces

Detail showing contrasting crushed velvet and vintage linen

Charming country scene with stripes and vintage lace

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