Wednesday 8 August 2012

The font and logo of the moment

I have surprised myself at how much of the Olympics I have been watching, beautiful horses that dance, chaps throwing, leaping and jumping ridiculous lengths, children doing crazy things on a beam not much wider than my hand and people running SO fast I am exhausted just watching them!  And in every single shot there is this, the

Anything less appropriate for an event that celebrates, speed, poise and perfect movement would be hard to imagine. This atrocity jars in all but one detail, the perfect circle that is 'o' which could be representing a medal or one of the Olympic rings. Everything else screams dysfunctional movement, every angle seems to fighting it's neighbour. Each letter is comprised of a random selection of straights and angles, particularly disturbing is the 'y', 'e', 'p', actually they are all rather disturbing.
It is a tour de force of dreadfulness and should be confined to the trash as soon as possible.
So many great things have been created for the Games, in particular I love Thomas Heatherwick's flaming petals and the thinking behind them - that every country is represented in the flame and that each country will take home their particular petal as a souvenir of 2012 - I just hope that they haven't use the dreadful font on them but I suspect that it has been engraved on to the beautiful petal forms, there for all to see and wonder at for time in memorial.

The 2012 logo as it appears on a gold medal 
And I can hardly let this entry pass without mentioning the logo, it's been around for a while now and I have trained myself not to see it, even though it's there on every athlete, banner, hoarding, way too many items of merchandize and sadly, for the medal winners it is emblazoned on their awards. Thankfully there are two sides to a medal! I know which side I would have on show.

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