Sunday 23 September 2012

My aversion to gizmos!

Yesterday I took delivery of a new knife. It's called the 'X-ACTO Z series' and yes I know it sounds like something from 'Doctor Who', but I was cruising the web the other day and came across Joe Bagley, an American papercutter, and he mentioned this particular knife, so I hit Amazon and am now eyeing up my purchase debating what to cut!
I do not embrace new gizmos instantly, I have to contemplate their possibilities mentally before I actually put them to use - a little eccentric I'll grant you, but that's how it goes.
When my husband bought me my digital camera, I did not tear it out of the box and rush out snapping everything in sight. It was my daughter who gave in and opened it, put in the batteries and took the first few pics, and even then I persisted in using my Nikon SLR in preference. But then I got hooked, grew to appreciate it's immediacy and handiness and now it goes with me everywhere and I can't imagine not having it.
And it was a similar story with my rotary cutter. All the evidence pointed to its plus points and numerous friends recommended that I should get one but I resisted until I was given one for Christmas, and I have to tell you that a rotary cutter isn't just for Christmas it's for life! Once I started gliding through my fabrics I was a convert and now I wonder how I made a quilt without one!
So today I shall free my new knife from it's packaging and get cutting - watch this space...

My new gizmo!

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