Tuesday 25 September 2012

X-ACTO sampler

A couple of days on and I have a completed cut panel - it didn't take two solid days of cutting I should say! I was on major mum taxi duty, and ironing  and pruning before the rain set in and a host of other domestic obstacles so it was a somewhat disjointed journey from doodle to fine cut. However it's done and I'm pretty pleased with it and wondering what to do with it next - tea towels, cushion covers, cards....as screen print.
And how did I get on with my new gizmo compared to my trusty Swann Morton surgical knife that I have been using from a very early age (daughter of two graphic designers used said knife instead of pencil sharpener at school to the horror of teachers!). Well I like the rounded handle, it feels just like a pencil, but the blade sits at a slightly odd angle, odd in comparison with the SM knife, so I kept on catching corners and having to deal with tiny tags of paper. I'll probably mix and match how I use the two knives, meanwhile here's the panel, in progress and complete.
Comments/suggestions please!

Thel doodle

First letter cut, 25 to go

C/U of panel

Panel finished!

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