Sunday 16 September 2012

Of socks and celebratory cut out

Today is always a rather sad day in my calendar. It is the day when I surrender my sandals  and dig out a pair of socks and 'proper' shoes, after a summer of naked feet. I hate having cold feet and the prospect of being a football mum this morning, forced me to give in to autumn footwear! Ah well all good things etc etc!
On a totally different note, I got all artsy/crafty on Friday in honour of a dear friend who had a significant birthday this weekend.
One of the great things about paper cutting is making truly personal gifts that don't cost a fortune and are utterly unique. Even though my cut outs have a certain style that is mine, they are all individually crafted with specific people in mind and I love that!

The leftovers of cutting make great abstract patterns -
must do something with them....

The finished panel - I do like a bit of alliteration 

Fabulous shadows

Feeling inspired? Check out when the next paper cutting workshop is on

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