Wednesday 10 October 2012

Of brilliant bargains & fabulous finds

I have always loved a bargain, born partly out of necessity and partly out of a desire to get the very best buys for my money. I also enjoy the chase and unexpected finds that shopping in charity shops, car boots and jumble sales can unearth.
I started my second hand shopping career in Manchester. I used to have a Saturday job at a graphic design suppliers and would be handed the little brown envelope with my wages in at lunchtime. I would then run across town to the haven known as the Elite Dress agency, clutching my wages, eager for that special find. Complete outfits with great labels could be bought  for a few pounds - I was hooked. Charity shops back then were, on the whole, rather dowdy places with a certain whiff about them and not places to be frequented by a sixteen year old in search of stylish clobber. So the Elite was my first choice every time and served me extremely well.
These days I love carbooting, although this year has been disastrous for carboots due to the horrendous weather and quite frankly I'd rather be curled up in bed then trudging round mud laden fields where all the goodies are hidden under plastic sheets and everyone is a bit soggy.
So imagine my delight when I discovered a local jumble sale this weekend in a rather upmarket village!
Fabulous finds included brand new Clarks lace ups with a hint of Victoriana about them, suede wedge shoes unworn, super stripy scarf and linen cropped trousers all for £4!!!

Jumble sale finds for under a fiver - my sort of shopping!!

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