Friday 19 October 2012

That's my boy!!!

I am truly a proud mum this week. My son who is in year nine, that translates as thirteen years old, brought back from school his DT (design technology) textiles project this week, a pair of slippers. He had told me very little about what he was up to or how it was going, and refused my offer of extra sewing machine tuition, so I was curious to see what he had made this term.
At this point I should say his last textiles project wasn't a roaring success - he screen printed a logo onto a teeshirt  which went well and he does wear it so I take that as a sign that it is an acceptable item. However there were supposed to be a pair of pull on shorts to go with the tee shirt, thereby creating a set of pyjamas. To say that he had found mastering the sewing machine a challenge would be an understatement, and his comprehension as to what actually needed to be stitched appeared confused, so I waited with baited breath for this latest project.
Gasps of admiration all round!!! He has made a rather smart pair of slippers, complete with heat transfer panels and a snazzy mix and match combo with green and black fleece. So somewhere along the line my textiley genes have seeped in,despite a modicum of resistance. I am so proud of him!!

My son's slippers - so proud!

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