Monday 23 June 2014

Paper cutting Fun at Fibreworks

Saturday was a truly glorious day, the sun was shining with all its might, transforming the Cowley Road into a summer time hotspot with cafes on the street and lots of smiley faces. And to top it all I had a sold out work shop at the very lovely knitting emporium Fibreworks.
Six happy ladies, and I have to say it usually is ladies, even though Rob Ryan is the highest profile paper cutter I can think of, turned up ready to design and cut their way through the day. They included two graphic designers and a smattering of cat lovers, so much to chat about and we had a fine day with some outstanding results.

If you fancy having a go why not get a group of friends together and I can come to you for a creative fun workshop!

Some concentrated cutting

Design sheet and papercut underway
Elegant colour combination sets off
beautiful design
Homage to a marmalade cat - Meow!
Great colours, design reminds me of 1930's
Love the scale of the whippet and London skyline
Birthday card for a whale watching brother
A peaceful pastoral scene

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