Thursday 26 June 2014

Greetings cards ready to go!

It's been a long time since I used a printer - back then it was hand assembled artwork on card with printed out typesetting carefully sliced and 'cow gummed' in place and lots of hand written specifications.
These days a quick download, select stock with the click of a button, quantity ditto and that was pretty much it. And three days later a box arrives with two hundred and fifty printed cards and matching envelopes - so efficient!
And an enormous thank you to my dear friend Danielle for doing the tecky stuff with my original paper cuts.
I am so delighted and having bought some cellophane sleeves to complete my products I am now in go mode - well nearly - I haven't got an official online shop yet so that's my next task, but meanwhile I shall be hawking my wares around some local shops and galleries, and of course there's Art in Action, which was the catalyst for me to get organized with some sellable stuff - not much point in having a stand if there's nothing on it!
There are five designs, A6 in size printed on to a nice textured cream coloured stock, with attractive manilla brown envelopes - cost £2.75 each. Off to the Post Office to research P&P rates.

First sight of my printed cards -
are there any typos ? ! ?
All five designs
Assembly line on the kitchen table -
fold card, place around envelope, into cellophane envelope

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