Thursday 15 January 2015

Buttons are a joy!

One of the things I enjoy doing at Denman is hitting the craft shop.  A treasure trove of all things stitchy; fabrics, beads, yarns, threads, ribbons, buttons and all manner of random items that 'might come in useful one day'. It's all been donated so prices are extremely reasonably, in fact 'no brainer',  so I inevitably come back with something. My latest finds included a large piece of beautiful wool fabric, grey with a fine pin stripe, perfect for a skirt if I was the sort of preson who could rustle up a skirt whilst listening to 'Woman's Hour', and a substantial old glass coffee jar full of buttons. I have a touch of the Silas Marner about me when it comes to buttons, especially mother of pearl ones. I lay them out on a wooden tray and marvel at their loveliness, and wonder what  garments they adorned in a former life. The large ones must have been a statement on a coat or jacket and the tiniest ones may be on a delicate blouse or doll's dress. I make patterns out of them, contemplate animating them into some sort of button square dance (I will never get round to this!!) and then I carefully scoop them up and put them back in their wooden cigar box...until the next time....
Sometimes the simple things in life bring the most joy.

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