Monday 12 January 2015

First course of 2015

What a great start to my 2015 courses, a full class of eight patchwork novices at Denman College. They had come from far and wide, some on their own and some with friends.
Friday evening I showed them with my quilts, inspiring books, some cushions and chatted about what they might like to do. I am not a 'You must do this' sort of tutor and am more than happy for students to go 'off piste', within reason, and I love that at this early stage of the course, Friday evening, I know that they will all go home with something they couldn't believe possible at 9 o'clock on Friday night.
Saturday morning decisions had been made about what they fancied tackling and once they had mastered rotary cutting they were off! They really did excel and amaze themselves, they got very creative and we all laughed a lot. And Sunday lunchtime they had all finished their projects and were beaming and telling me that they would definitely carry on patchworking.
So all in all a very rewarding session with lots of smiley faces.
Next course at Denman is 2nd February, strip patchwork - super easy technique great results and you stay fully clothed - just in case you were wondering!

A display of the finished projects
This is one side of a bag, equally lovely panel
on the other side
Finished knitting bag
A jewel of a cushion complete with pearly buttons
used to quilt
Fabulous velvets

Love these colours!

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