Sunday 5 July 2015

Creative textiles at Denman

So before I hit the WI's Denman College again tomorrow, I must write up my last visit. Just a week ago I was stuffing the car with all manner of textiley goodness, samples of unexpected stitchy chaos, yards of fabrics, miles of threads and ribbons and boxes of buttons and beads. And all to encouirage my students to wander off piste and have some fun with textiles.
And I was so pleased with what they made. I was meant to have four students  which is a pretty select group and then one phoned in sick so that left just three and I was more than happy for those three to go off in any direction that took their fancy. So one lady had always wanted to learn how to do log cabin patchwork, one enjoyed embellishing a cushion cover with ruffles and floral motifs inspired by her fabrics and the third  declared that this was the course she had been waiting for all her life! She scrunched velvets, sprinkled French knots liberally across all manner of materials, coiled ribbons, stacked buttons and generally had a thoroughly marvellous time - which is exactly what I hoped they would do!

Fancy having a go? Drop me a line

One log cabin cover finished

Weaving with cut fabric and ribbons
Detail of ruffles, flower and baiding
The complete panel
Another floral detail
Fabulous fabric mayhem
Detail of fringing, buttons and cross stitch

Scrunched fabric, more buttons  a buckle and wild curling ribbons

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