Thursday 8 November 2012

Half term purchases

It's nearly end of the first week back after half term and I really don't know where the time is going. Spent the break ferrying children around, trying to get homework done, theirs not mine and trying to get on track with winter time. It is amazing and a little depressing how much difference one hour less of daylight can make. I really don't feel overly creative snuggled up under a quilt by the fire - hibernation seems like an appealing option.
I haven't finished my latest quilt as you have probably noticed from the lack of updates, butI have been drawing up some designs for Christmas themed cut outs so as soon as I have actually taken knife to paper I will post them.
Meanwhile I took delivery of a couple of Ebay finds. First a fabulous catalogue from an exhibition I can not believe I missed, "Matisse his art and his textiles". It's a beautiful volume full of specially selected paintings and image sof the actual garments he dressed his models in, gorgeous.
And then I found these slightly mad black leather Italian shoes complete with ridiculous but lovely large silver discs, unworn and all for £3! My sort of shopping....

Lovely catalogue

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