Friday 24 July 2015

Until 2016 Art in Action

Have finally unpacked and relocated all the materials and resources I used for Art in Action and today I shall start to round some of them up again in readiness for three days of paper cutting at the Oxford Summer School - which is held in Saint Gregory's School Cowley. Set up is Sunday and then Monday, Tuesday Wednesday teaching.
So in the mean time here are some more shots from Art in Action and don't forget to to put the dates for next year in your diary 14th - 17th July.

Art literally in action
Cut by a three cat lady
So delicate from a would be art student
Ambitious garden shed cut
Cut by two young lads 
Similar but different!
Beautiful Celtic inspired cut
Love this graphic design
Cut for her grandparents
With mum and the lovely Julie Heaton and her family,
Julie and I teach next to each other and laugh alot!

Tuesday 21 July 2015

My paper cutting friend!

Art in Action is now over and done and I'm sort of missing it , even though by about workshop 5 or 6 I am in a bit of a 'Groundhog Day' mode - have I said this, did I tell them that.

And this year the utterly amazing Apolonia, from Poland, was in the International tent, demonstrating her extraordinary skill with a pair of sheep shears that used to belong to her uncle. She cuts intricate designs free hand through several layers of paper and at great speed.
She speaks not a word of English and comes with a lovely translator who is delighted to tell Apolonia how incredible her friend is.

Oh, I don't usually take pics of food but couldn't resist this! This is the pudding which we had at the big supper on Saturday night, possibly the most chocolatey pudding complete with a sprinkling of gold I have ever had - delicious....

Friday 17 July 2015

Some favourite cuts so far

With Art in Action in full swing and six courses delivered and six more to go, here are some of my favourite paper cuts so far..with more to come!

Didn't they do well....

Cut for his football loving brother
Cut for his grand daughter - a Cinderella fan!
So very very delicate
So very very ambitious 
Lovely mix of foliage and type
Would make a lovely rubber stamp
Great texture detail 

Thursday 16 July 2015

Art in Action - the start

It was a dry day for the big setting up at Waterperry Garden's that hosts the annual arts and crafts event, Art in Action. And there was in deed much action with folk unpacking statues, hanging art works, filling their stands with gorgeous goodies, and generally getting set for four days of creative buzziness. I had to supervise the hanging of my 'Homeland' quilt, lay out my selling stall and then sort out my teaching space - but it all got done with time to spare and today the public arrive and the classes start!
My spot in the Best of the Best

The floor pan of the Best of the Best

Adjusting height - it was the first piece in place!

A lovely yurt

Assembling large sculpture - it had just
come from Wimbledon Tennis club

Naked stand

All set and ready to go stand

Welcome sculpture

Lots of catering

Site map

Love a shiny air stream

And a dinky little foodie van

Masses of tea pots at the ready

And this is where I am

Sunday 5 July 2015

Creative textiles at Denman

So before I hit the WI's Denman College again tomorrow, I must write up my last visit. Just a week ago I was stuffing the car with all manner of textiley goodness, samples of unexpected stitchy chaos, yards of fabrics, miles of threads and ribbons and boxes of buttons and beads. And all to encouirage my students to wander off piste and have some fun with textiles.
And I was so pleased with what they made. I was meant to have four students  which is a pretty select group and then one phoned in sick so that left just three and I was more than happy for those three to go off in any direction that took their fancy. So one lady had always wanted to learn how to do log cabin patchwork, one enjoyed embellishing a cushion cover with ruffles and floral motifs inspired by her fabrics and the third  declared that this was the course she had been waiting for all her life! She scrunched velvets, sprinkled French knots liberally across all manner of materials, coiled ribbons, stacked buttons and generally had a thoroughly marvellous time - which is exactly what I hoped they would do!

Fancy having a go? Drop me a line

One log cabin cover finished

Weaving with cut fabric and ribbons
Detail of ruffles, flower and baiding
The complete panel
Another floral detail
Fabulous fabric mayhem
Detail of fringing, buttons and cross stitch

Scrunched fabric, more buttons  a buckle and wild curling ribbons

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