Tuesday 26 August 2014

Appletree goes international!

It's been a busy few weeks. The mayhem and fluid nature of schedules in the summer holidays make for a 'make it up as you go along' approach to life, which I can only sustain for so long and then I start looking forward to the stability that school timetables bring.
So this month we had family visiting, two music festivals (my daughter not me but still impacted on my plans), a wedding, a two day art/craft festival, decorating two teenager bedrooms and last week I had two lovely ladies come and stitch for three days-ish. The ish is because I included visits local sites, Blenheim Palace, and Oxford and I threw in some local villages and a 'Midsommer Murder' location for good measure.
They were from Melbourne and had built a visit to Appletree into their busy European visit, to partake of some patchworking. We did rotary cutting and pinning and stitching, mixing fabrics and looking at photography as a useful notebook that can become a personal visual resource and lots more. Great fun and hugely rewarding.
And before you ask I am not set up for B&B but rather fortunately, the ancient thatched cottaged over the lane is so it all worked out rather well.

So if you fancy a couple of days of creative stitching or papercutting let me know.

Piles of fabrics ready to be raided
Happily cutting and stitching and chatting
Dustin checking quality of ironing!
Experimental panel using some very vintage
fabrics with velvets
Beautiful Japanese cottons sliced and ready for assembly
Lovely panel that will be made into a cushion cover,
linens and cottons
Lucy making the most of a drop of sunshine

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