Saturday 6 April 2013

Paper cutting delight!

Yesterday saw my first workshop at Ardington School of Crafts which is a beautifully renovated Victorian village school on the out skirts of the picturesque village of Ardington.
There are two large well appointed studio spaces and a third room where refreshments are laid out.
I had a sell out class - and all my ladies were keen to make the most of their day. Started with my crash intro to the world of cut outs various and assorted, wood, metal, historic and international, the some resource sheets to practice with, and then onto the designing of their own panel.
What is always so interesting and rewarding for me is the breadth of creativity that surfaces in these workshops. Unless we put time aside in our busy schedules, we rarely get to sit down and focus on our own creativity, so when we do it's a luxury and we want to make the most of it, and my ladies excelled!

Latch on the door to the work room - has a satisfying clunk!
Beautiful detailed panelling painted in a gentle green
Sunlight streaming across the desks
Preliminary sketches for 'Artichoke'
'Artichoke' cut and looking like a menu heading
Initial sketch for 'Spring has sprung'
Developed sketch
Finished cut
Using windows as a natural light box
Ambitious 'Reflections' panel successfully completed
Stylish piece of 'Poetry'
Paper cut inspired by Haitian oil drum cut outs,
plus sketch for a second typographic panel
Lovely name panels

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