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Christine offers inspiring and highly creative courses from her delightful thatched cottage or at a variety of teaching centres. Expert tuition with a large dollop of fun thrown in, which suits the crafting novice and more accomplished maker alike.
So whether it's creative paper cutting, patchwork - both hand and machine, or creative textiles, or even improving your photography, you will learn a lot and leave with something to be proud of.
Christine enjoys giving inspirational talks about crafting and designing to interested groups. She has sat on numerous awards committees including BAFTA,the Royal Television Society and Design and Art Direction and is happy to give advice on arts and crafts events.

Paper cutting is the on trend craft of the moment, but it dates back many years and is an international craft; Mexico, Poland, China all have long histories of this beautiful craft.
Christine has been cutting for five years and has developed a technique which even the most non creative person can enjoy. Perfect for a one day course and makes a great gift for a someone special.

Hand stitched patchwork has a wealth of tradition and history behind it whilst being right up to date with its recycling ethos. There are two techniques you could master, one is very organic and doesn't use templates but is entirely hand stitched, the other uses paper or card templates. Both are lovely 'slow' techniques that give great results and are very therapeutic and rewarding.

Machine stitched patchwork is a great way of producing pieced items quickly and creatively. You will learn how to use a rotary cutter, how to pin and stitch accurately and how to turn your patchwork panels into useful items for your home.

Christine started taking pictures as a teenager using a small 110 format camera and graduated on to 35mm film when she turned 18. She won Kodak's Young Photographer of the year competition and has been taking pictures ever since. She moved into the digital world a few years ago and uses a very simple Canon with no special lenses or extra gizmos!
She can show you how to improve your picture taking, referring to some of the greats for inspiration, and looking at classic composition, colour and light. She is not a technical photographer so don't expect to be enlightened about PDF's, Giff's, shuttter speeds etc.!

So if any of that appeals to you, why not drop Christine a line and book something fun, creative and rewarding.
You can come to her cottage or she is happy to travel to you (within reason and with something towards petrol!)
Cost for a day at Appletree Cottage is £70 per person, including tea and coffee but excluding lunch, so if you could bring a packed lunch that would be great.
A minimum of two people maximum of three needed to run a course. Dates and times can be arranged to suit you.
There is a delightful bed and breakfast just across the lane so you could come for a 'sleepover' if you are too far away for a one day course, or if you would like a two day course.

And you can catch Christine here -

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JANUARY Friday 15th - Sunday 17th
Happy Scrappy Patchwork
Denman College, Marcham

FEBRUARY Saturday 6th
Valentine's Papercutting course

FEBRUARY Saturday 13th 
Paper cutting
Landmark Arts Trust, Teddington

MARCH Friday 4th - Sunday 6th
Super creative cushions
Denman College, Marcham

MARCH Wednesday 9th - Thursday 10th  
Paper cutting
West Hope College, Shropshire (page 6)

MARCH Friday 17th
Papercut Lampshade
Ardington School of Crafts

MARCH Monday 21st
Strip Patchwork
Denman College

APRIL Friday 1st - 4th
Creative Patchwork
HF Holidays Abingworth

APRIL Thursday 7th
Creative Paper Cutting
Ardington School of Crafts


Young ladies and not quite as young ladies getting 
Christmassy at Denman

A student's template patchwork panel
Christine's contemporary take on classic
alphabet sampler
Patchwork Christmas stars 
Happy scrappy patchwork in the sunshine
Paper cut for a friend

Super creative cushions

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