Thursday 24 July 2014

Paper cut loveliness at Ardington

A glorious blue sky with a few well placed fluffy clouds, set the scene for a creative day at Ardington School of Craft - a haven for those of a crafty inclination. I had eight students keen to learn how to design for creative cutting and they did, brilliantly.
After Art in Action's break neck ninety minute sessions, to have a whole day felt extremely luxurious and relaxed.
Lots of lovely feed back too!

One of the two beautiful studios at Ardington
My resources table

Multi coloured cut -
perfect for a garden centre logo
Super intricate design -
'My Noblest Stewball' - 
Terrific tractor cut 
 The final line should read 'computer'!

Wednesday 16 July 2014

Setting up for Art in Action

So after weeks of sorting and deciding what to exhibit and what needed printing up and what labels to write and how to deliver a paper cutting course in just 90 minutes, Art in Action is here. Waterperry has undergone its annual transformation into an arts and crafts community of some scale. Marques of every size have sprung up and in the meadows and on the lawns, orchards are being camped in, signage is waiting to be distributed around the environs and there is a gentle sense of urgency where ever you look.
I have two areas - my stand in the teachers' exhibition tent and my teaching area in the practical classes marque, number 27 to be precise. It reminded me of putting up my degree show, endless checking of text and positioning and repositioning of items to best effect, and now it's done and tomorrow it opens to the public and the forecast is looking good.


My stand in the teachers' exhibition tent,
waiting for some action!
Finished! A stand of two stories. . .
The paper cut and typography story
And the textiles story, needlepoint, patchwork
various and assorted 
My teaching area
A pack of wolves waiting to be homed
Looking towards the main house
Some of the hundreds of chairs that are deployed
for the event

Display in teaching area up and ready
A textile hare and pigeon awaiting installation

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