Wednesday 1 May 2013

Stitching for Artweeks

I am an Artweeks novice. It is something that I have thought about doing every time I visit other artists and crafters during this open studios/houses festival. I think, "I should do  this" but until now I haven't. And then late last year I asked the lady in our village, who has a lovely barn that  plays host to Artweeks exhibitions, whether I could put a show together, and she said yes. So then I called a couple of friends to see if they would be interested and it wasn't long before I had a group of six of us and we had the idea of calling ourselves 'Fragments' as we are fairly fragmented in our different specialities. It particularly suits me with my scrappy patchwork that I intended to show.
So here we are with just over a week to go before we open. I have put together twenty scrappy patchwork cushions, had a drama with sourcing the pads but hopefully have resolved that and am frantically quilting my long standing quilt that I started back in August  last year. I pushed the boat out and  bought new buttons to achieve the Japanesey/Victorian knotted buttons effect I favour.
Had a small panic that I should make more stuff this morning but am now over that and am occupied writing copy for 'Crafting at the Cottage' publicity fliers. It's so hard to write about your own work but must be done....may be I'll do some weeding whilst I think on . .

Check out our Facebook page to see how we are all doing

Not sure what you call a multitude of cushions, a squish? A cuddle?
But here 's a small sample of what I've been stitching  

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