Thursday 26 June 2014

Greetings cards ready to go!

It's been a long time since I used a printer - back then it was hand assembled artwork on card with printed out typesetting carefully sliced and 'cow gummed' in place and lots of hand written specifications.
These days a quick download, select stock with the click of a button, quantity ditto and that was pretty much it. And three days later a box arrives with two hundred and fifty printed cards and matching envelopes - so efficient!
And an enormous thank you to my dear friend Danielle for doing the tecky stuff with my original paper cuts.
I am so delighted and having bought some cellophane sleeves to complete my products I am now in go mode - well nearly - I haven't got an official online shop yet so that's my next task, but meanwhile I shall be hawking my wares around some local shops and galleries, and of course there's Art in Action, which was the catalyst for me to get organized with some sellable stuff - not much point in having a stand if there's nothing on it!
There are five designs, A6 in size printed on to a nice textured cream coloured stock, with attractive manilla brown envelopes - cost £2.75 each. Off to the Post Office to research P&P rates.

First sight of my printed cards -
are there any typos ? ! ?
All five designs
Assembly line on the kitchen table -
fold card, place around envelope, into cellophane envelope

Monday 23 June 2014

Paper cutting Fun at Fibreworks

Saturday was a truly glorious day, the sun was shining with all its might, transforming the Cowley Road into a summer time hotspot with cafes on the street and lots of smiley faces. And to top it all I had a sold out work shop at the very lovely knitting emporium Fibreworks.
Six happy ladies, and I have to say it usually is ladies, even though Rob Ryan is the highest profile paper cutter I can think of, turned up ready to design and cut their way through the day. They included two graphic designers and a smattering of cat lovers, so much to chat about and we had a fine day with some outstanding results.

If you fancy having a go why not get a group of friends together and I can come to you for a creative fun workshop!

Some concentrated cutting

Design sheet and papercut underway
Elegant colour combination sets off
beautiful design
Homage to a marmalade cat - Meow!
Great colours, design reminds me of 1930's
Love the scale of the whippet and London skyline
Birthday card for a whale watching brother
A peaceful pastoral scene

Thursday 12 June 2014

More paper cuts at Denman

I have the run up and packing for paper cutting workshops off to a fine art. Gone are the days of lugging enormous portfolios of randomly sized papers and card and various bags of resources.I now have one A3 portfolio, my A3 sampler book, a basket with books, knives, blades smaller resources and spraymount, and lastly two wow factor pieces I like to show - my Victorian wooden sampler and my Haitian metal work piece.
Setting up once I've arrived has also speeded up, so feeling quite pleased with how the course has developed.
I had five lovely ladies from near and far and there was much laughter and chat, diverse designing and lots of creative cutting - can't really wish for more...


Friday 6 June 2014

Return visit to Henley

I spent a fun and highly productive day yesterday with some of the ladies of the Henley Arts and Crafts Guild. This was my second visit and I had a couple of returning students, but mostly they were paper cutting novices.
I love teaching this course as I now know, from experience, that by the end of the day, even the most knife shy student will have produced something that they can feel proud of. And all the outcomes will be totally different and unique.

So here's what they cut, most pieces were designed with someone special in mind. 
I was so pleased and delighted with the results and I think that they were too!

A wedding anniversary card
Inspired by paisley pattern and with yellow detailing
Work in progress with a musical theme

For a special sister
For a boating friend

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