Wednesday 17 September 2014

Seeing red!

I'm having a bit of a sort out, opening up boxes that haven't been opened since we moved here eighteen years ago, we've all got them!
I have long had an affinity with the colour red. My primary school uniform had a spectacular vermillion red blazer which I was very proud of, red tulips make me smile, red telephone boxes remind me of phone calls home when I was at college and mobile phones weren't invented. So when I started haunting junk shops and flea markets I was drawn to red tins - the colour, the illustrations and of course the typography - sometimes embossed, sometimes gold, irresistible! And so over the years I built up quite a collection and they took pride of place in my flat, but then I moved to Appletree where space is a premium and hotly contested, and sadly my tins have remained boxed up. I unpacked them yesterday, smiled at them, photographed them and then carefully repacked them - good to know they are there in the box and one day I might have a shelf or two specifically for them and they can come out again.

Friday 12 September 2014

Mentioned in the press!

So this week's 'Oxford Mail' has a feature about the Crafty Network in its Weekend section (3). I have been to a Crafty Network evening and it had an immediate benefit as I was invited to demonstrate paper cutting at the O3 Gallery in Oxford Castle. And as a rather special spin off I got to handle some original Lottie Reiniger cut outs, so delicate and exquisite, that a visitor to the Gallery brought for me to see - a very special moment.

The O3 Gallery is situated in the rounded section on
the right on the picture
My demonstration table

Exquisite original paper cuts by Lottie Reiniger
The card mentioned in the article

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