Monday 10 September 2012

Sunshine and stitching

Spent a blissful day in the garden cutting and stitching more of my latest quilt. I love working outside despite the gusty breezes that whip various bits of fabric around the garden on a regular basis, and scattering pins and threads to the delight of Dustin, my cat who likes nothing better than being involved with whatever I am doing.
I pegged the quilt to the washing line and pinned extra blocks in place to see how they were working, colour and texture wise and cut and pinned on the picnic table. I moved the ironing board outside to cut down on marching through the house for pressing seams - a major part of machine patch-working. However the sewing machine remained in place on the dining table as non of our outdoor tables are robust enough to support its weight reliably!
Highly productive day and here are some photos.

Back of the quilt showing the seams

All set up and ready for a creative day

Two minutes and a gust of wind later!

Dustin enjoying a pile of wind blown fabric

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