Wednesday 3 October 2012

Finally...pieced cushions

It has taken me rather longer than I had hoped to make my random pieced panels into cushion covers. On the list of things to do they fell behind taming the wisteria, filling several rawl plug holes in the wet room and endless school uniform washing/ironing (my son's that is, who daily cakes mud on to his knees playing football.)
But they are now complete and I am rather pleased with them. They are so easy to put together and use up any number of odd scraps. I don't do any planning for them beyond a mental game of teaming up the fabrics,  and then I just let them evolve - mixing and matching velvet with ticking, vintage florals with classic ginghams as I go. The fabric linking these four together is denim, recycled from various jeans. Taking inspiration from Japanese Boro textiles and the quilts of Gees Bend  I included seams, distressed hem lines and flip sides to show seam construction.
May be I should run a workshop and get everyone stitching these fun designs?

Slithers of fabric too small even for mice to make waistcoats from

Three blue themed cushion covers

Detail showing print guide from selvedge of one of the fabrics
and inside jeans seam

Ticking and denim with floral detail from ancient curtain

Jeans seam with spots and checks and stripes

Ticking and denim detail


  1. Lovely cushions! I used to quilt, so I know how time consuming it is - but it can be so zen. Yours turned out wonderfully :)

    1. thanks for nice comments, always lovely to get feed back, and yes it is a very zen experience once I clear a space in the daily schedule to get going,sadly it's never quite long enough!


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