Wednesday 3 July 2013

Of cutting and breathing

Spent a lovely day at Ardington School of Craft yesterday. It's a great place with two beautifully appointed studios, lots of light and space, delicious food and generally a very nice place to spend a day getting creative.
The class was a sell out and apparently there's a waiting list for paper cutting so I shall be returning there before too long.
One of the things I love about teaching is never quite knowing what will be the outcome at the end of the day. Ten people who have never done it before, how are they going to tackle the challenge and what will they do with it? The variety of final pieces is always extraordinary and the students often amaze themselves with what they can achieve in a comparatively short time. There was much concentrating throughout the day, you could almost hear the paper being sliced and I had to remind them more than once to breathe and also to shake their hands out regularly, as there is a tendency to grip the scalpels rather tightly and you can quickly end up with the 'Swann Morton' logo embossed into your hand and an aching groove in you finger.
So pleased with the out comes and check out the great feedback on my 'comments' page

Do drop me a line if you would like me to visit you and a group who would enjoy learning this low cost but highly creative craft.

Starting to cut the final piece 

Checking on progress

Cutting challenging curves and swirls

Almost finished!

Checking the final cut against the design sheet

Beautifully cut alphabet

Very happy student

Delicate tree design

A technical approach to designing a sampler alphabet

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