Thursday 23 January 2014

Of fabulous patchwork at WI

I spent the start of the week at the WI's Denman College teaching Happy Scrappy Patchwork which I always enjoy. I have a somewhat non conformist approach to patchwork and try to convey this to my students and I hope that the results speak for themselves. Five students with five totally different outcomes and not a fat quarter in sight.

Lots of laughs had by all!

Am back there teaching the same course May 15 & 16 and you don't have to be a WI member to attend so why not check out details on the Denman website :

And don't forget if you fancy learning hand patchworking I'll be at Les Soeurs Anglaises in August :

Laying out cut panels  - note the hints of leopard print and brown velvet

70's retro meets Gees Bend - great fun
One panel nearly done and second one started

Three down one to go and then some more stripes for filling in the gaps,
fabrics used included Liberty prints from her wedding
Fabulous selection of fabrics will result in.....

A wild and glorious piece using Mexican Day of the Dead
inspired fabric and some Indian sari
Impressive panel ready to be wadded and backed and edged
and then claimed by Grimblethorpe, her cat!
Gloriously sunny panel - love the dots and spots

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