Monday 10 March 2014

Of stitching and ripping and fun

I know, long time no blog, apologies, hopefully this will  make up for the silence!

This weekend I was teaching my first  a course for the Oxford Summer School Plus, so a little nervous about what to expect and also it was a new course to me - ie I had dreamt it up but this was the first time I had delivered it.
WOW, what a treat - Liz the driving force behind the Summer School hires classrooms in a local school and fills them with creative and talented tutors and students so the buzz up and down the corridors is lovely.
I had four students, being the new tutor I was a bit of an unknown quantity, and I took in piles of inspiring resources and materials, boxes of buttons and beads and ribbons and lots of energy!
I encouraged them to forget the 'must do it like this' school of stitching and encouraged them to have some fun and try out  lots of techniques and ideas and generally enjoy themselves.

And I was so chuffed with the outcomes and we got great reactions from other students who popped in to see what we were up to and keen to know when I'd be running the course again!

Hopefully I'll be invited back before too long...

Love these two Ikat fabrics and the dash of orange
Great mix of fabrics and textures
Finished machine stitched elements waiting
waiting to be placed
Sampler showing crazy pieced patchwork background,
layers of gauze and hand embroidery
Happily stitching!
Large panel of pieced fabrics that will be
be machine stitched over and embellished with embroidery 
Embellishing by hand a floral motif, ribbons,
buttons and beads to be added in abundance
Panel of birds framed by denim making a feature
of the existing seams, love the strips of stripes

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