Wednesday 17 September 2014

Seeing red!

I'm having a bit of a sort out, opening up boxes that haven't been opened since we moved here eighteen years ago, we've all got them!
I have long had an affinity with the colour red. My primary school uniform had a spectacular vermillion red blazer which I was very proud of, red tulips make me smile, red telephone boxes remind me of phone calls home when I was at college and mobile phones weren't invented. So when I started haunting junk shops and flea markets I was drawn to red tins - the colour, the illustrations and of course the typography - sometimes embossed, sometimes gold, irresistible! And so over the years I built up quite a collection and they took pride of place in my flat, but then I moved to Appletree where space is a premium and hotly contested, and sadly my tins have remained boxed up. I unpacked them yesterday, smiled at them, photographed them and then carefully repacked them - good to know they are there in the box and one day I might have a shelf or two specifically for them and they can come out again.

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