Thursday 16 July 2015

Art in Action - the start

It was a dry day for the big setting up at Waterperry Garden's that hosts the annual arts and crafts event, Art in Action. And there was in deed much action with folk unpacking statues, hanging art works, filling their stands with gorgeous goodies, and generally getting set for four days of creative buzziness. I had to supervise the hanging of my 'Homeland' quilt, lay out my selling stall and then sort out my teaching space - but it all got done with time to spare and today the public arrive and the classes start!
My spot in the Best of the Best

The floor pan of the Best of the Best

Adjusting height - it was the first piece in place!

A lovely yurt

Assembling large sculpture - it had just
come from Wimbledon Tennis club

Naked stand

All set and ready to go stand

Welcome sculpture

Lots of catering

Site map

Love a shiny air stream

And a dinky little foodie van

Masses of tea pots at the ready

And this is where I am

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