Saturday 10 October 2015

Super fast Patch Working

 I have a two hour patch-working workshop on Monday with the ladies of the WI's Glamorgan group. Two hours is not very long to make and finish something in, by the time I've said hello, introduced the project and got them all up and running..... So I have been busy making some new samples - a glasses case made using a crazy patch-working technique that can be either machine or hand stitched. And it really is quick and easy and effective and with a bit of detailing and embellishing the end product is well worth the effort, I think.
And if they master this then they can easily go on to cushion covers and quilts and bags...the sky and their fabric stashes are the limit!

Fabulous stash of proper vintage off cuts, denoted by a friend,
they are an inspirational mix
Two finished glasses cases, the pinkish one has some
button detailing, the blue one a beaded seam,
and the green panel is unfinished to show construction

Glass beads run along the seam and add an
attractive detail
Lucy in amongst the fabrics - not impressed!
Dustin keen to start - just look at those tootsies!
Larger panel to show next possible project
Finished panel - complete with some crushed velvet -
always add a certain bling, in the best possible taste!

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