Sunday 24 November 2013

More fabulous paper cuts!

Yesterday's workshop at Fibreworks on the Cowley Road was great fun. It's the sister shop to the one in Chipping Norton and is equally delightful. Full of beautiful yarns and an array of wooden knitting needles that look like a display in Olivanders wand shop (check your Harry Pottter books for reference!), I never cease to be amazed and thrilled by what my students produce and they are all first timers when it comes to paper cutting, and I often hear '..but I'm not creative..' and then they make the most marvellous things and leave so pleased with themselves.

Beautiful sewing machine and yes! it works
Bonkers crocheted cactus - a must have!
Lovely array of braids, pompoms and velvet ribbons
Beautiful leaf cut
Charming Christmas panel with doll I found
in one of Cowley Road's many charity shops
So bright and lively
Another fabulous first time cutter
Work in progress

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